Moisture Tester (ACM-CTE-1033)

Moisture testers are equipments that are designed to measure and control the level of moisture content in any product or sample. These instruments work on the principle of measuring the electrical conductivity of a given material that bears a fixed relation with the moisture content of the given sample.

These instruments are incorporated with the most developed and advanced technology that helps in measuring. Moisture tester gives the reading of the approximate moisture content of the given sample. These can be also used to determine if the material is ready to use or else does it needs further inspection.

Application Area

These instruments are suitable for measuring the all-moisture and air-dry basis moisture in bovey coal, bituminous coal, blind coal for various industries such as electric power, coal, commodity inspection, environmental protection and many more.



  • Large display
  • Temperature and time controlling mechanism are available for option.
  • Long lasting battery 
  • Baker over adopt stainless internal bladder, testing by classic principle.
  • Integrated with a USB port. 

Technical Parameters

Temperature Testing Range

0℃ ~ 300℃

Temperature Measuring Resolution


Temperature Uniformity


Power Supply

220V, 50/60HZ

Maximum Power

≤ 2 KW

Cabinet Dimension

650mm×620mm×770 mm